A graduate of Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sharon has been treating patients for 25 years. She's helped her clients find improved health & wellness by spending time listening & customizing each treatment plan. She can help you, too! Learn more at her website at www.phoenixanddragon.net.

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • New Client-Acupuncture $195
    Initial visit, complete medical history and consultation. This session does include an acupuncture treatment.
  • Acupuncture Follow-up $85
    Acupuncture treatment for established clients. Includes pulse and tongue readings with herbal recommendation.
  • New Client-B.E.S.T. $150
    Come discover a way to improve your health and your life by removing interference.  
  • B.E.S.T. Follow-up $85
    Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique used to balance the systems of your body to help your body recover optimal function.
  • New Client-Herbal Consultation Only $130
    Diagnosis using Traditional Chinese Medicine theory with a recommended treatment protocol using custom formulas and/or Wei Lab herbal protocols.
  • Herbal Consultation-Follow Up $65
    Once you are an established herbal client, you can book for a follow up appointment to review your progress and check for any changes needed to your herbal formula.  This service is charged at $65 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.  
  • Cupping $90
    Cupping releases adhesions and eases tight muscles to keep you in tip top athletic shape, just ask Michael Phelps, 23 time Olympic Gold Medal Winner!  (A great way to ease the discomfort of colds and flus, too.)
  • Tui Na- 90 minutes $135
    An hour and a half allows extra time to work into those places that need a little extra loving.
  • Tui Na-1 hour $90
    Therapeutic Body Work
  • Tui Na-30 minutes $50
    For a lunch time stress reliever and muscle relaxer, or as an adjunct to other therapies, the 30 minute session maybe just the ticket.
  • Reiki Energy Healing $90
    Usui Reiki Light Touch Healing 
  • Reflexology $90
    Vita-Flex pressure points to release stagnant qi.
  • Ear Candling $50
    Helps relieve congestion in the ears with the use of ear candles and acupressure on the sinuses.
  • TeleHealth

    Virtual office visit
    • New Patient Telehealth $130
      This longer appointment is for new clients using Telehealth. It includes review of your intake form, history, discussion of main complaint and current symptoms. You will be diagnosed based on Chinese medical differentiation, given recommendations, and prescribed treatment protocol using Chinese medicine. The cost of the medicine and shipping is not included.
    • Phone Consultation-Follow up $65
      Phone consultation for herbal follow-up, or life coaching.
    • TeleHealth Session-Follow up $65
      Have a virtual meeting to discuss your health concerns.  The cost of herbs is separate.



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